Discover Kyla, an exquisite escort model with an age range in the early 30s, and an enticingly elegant style that will captivate your senses. Standing at 173 cm, Kyla’s beautifully brown hair cascades down, perfectly complementing her penetrating brown eyes. With a captivating cup size of 75 D and a slim confection size of 36, this stunning lady possesses a naturally entrancing figure.

Kyla exudes a sense of ambition, humor, and reliability that adds depth to her enchanting character. Fluent in both German and English, she effortlessly engages in an array of conversations, making any encounter with her an absolute delight. Her profession in the real estate industry showcases her intelligence and versatility.

While she maintains a busy schedule, Kyla passionately pursues her personal interests, including fitness, attending events, and indulging in shopping sprees. Her enthusiasm for experiencing new cultures extends beyond borders, as she willingly travels worldwide. Whether through discreet rendezvous, pleasurable encounters at the airport, or unforgettable girlfriend experiences, Kyla effortlessly fulfills her clients’ desires with genuine satisfaction.

Kyla’s refined tastes extend to her favorite foods, encompassing the tantalizing flavors of Japanese and Italian cuisine. To celebrate special moments, she prefers indulging in the finest champagne. The exquisite fragrance of Kilian Forbidden Games lingers effortlessly around her, adding to her irresistible allure.

In terms of style, Kyla exudes elegance, effortlessly adorning herself in tasteful attire. With a penchant for Agent Provocateur lingerie, she embraces her sensuality with grace. Her eyes light up at the sight of Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, and Charlotte Olympia shoes, further enhancing her impeccable fashion sense.

To complement her natural beauty, Kyla adores the classic elegance of roses, while accessorizing her ensemble with timeless Louis Vuitton bags. With her striking body measurements of 93D-63-93 cm, she presents an irresistible combination of allure and sophistication.

In conclusion, Kyla’s unique blend of charm, intelligence, and elegance make her the perfect companion for any discerning gentleman seeking memorable experiences. Whether it’s an intimate occasion, discreet airport encounter, or a passionate girlfriend-like experience, she effortlessly creates an unforgettable connection that will leave you yearning for more.

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800.- CHF 1000.- CHF 1550.- CHF 2550.- CHF


Anfang 30
Deutsch, Englisch
Lustig, glücklich
Other Information
Nichtraucherin, Tattoo


Cup Size
75D Silikon
Hair Color
EU 36, US 4, UK 8, Italy 40
Shoe Size
39 EU, 8 US, 6 UK, 38 IT
173 cm
Eye Color
93D 63 93 cm
Pants Size




Japanisch, Italienisch
Agent Provocateur
Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Charlotte Olympia
Louis Vuitton


What services does Kyla, the escort model from Target Escort, offer?
Kyla offers a range of services including discreet rendezvous, pleasurable encounters at the airport, and unforgettable girlfriend experiences.
Does Kyla speak multiple languages?
Yes, Kyla is fluent in both German and English, making her the perfect companion for international clients.
What are Kyla's hobbies and interests outside of her profession as an escort model?
Kyla enjoys fitness, attending events, and indulging in shopping sprees as her personal hobbies.
Can Kyla travel internationally for her escort services?
Yes, Kyla is available for worldwide travel, allowing her to cater to clients wherever they may be.
What are Kyla's preferred brands and fashion styles?
Kyla has a refined taste for elegance and style, favoring brands such as Agent Provocateur, Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, and Charlotte Olympia.

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