Introducing Laureen, a stunning 25-year-old escort model affiliated with Felines agency. With her captivating blond hair and mesmerizing blue eyes, Laureen is a true vision of beauty standing tall at 5'11" (180 cm). Her well-proportioned figure, boasting a 34C cup size and a slender dress size 36, leaves admirers speechless.

Laureen’s striking appearance is only the beginning of what makes her special. Her outgoing and sociable personality shines through in every interaction, making her the ideal companion for any occasion. An energetic and adventurous spirit, she thrives on exploring new destinations and meeting interesting people. As a model, she exudes elegance and sophistication, perfectly complementing her tasteful style.

For Laureen, life is an epicurean adventure. She is a connoisseur of fine cuisine, particularly Japanese food, and enjoys indulging in culinary pleasures. Sharing intimate moments with her partner is important to her, where passion and complete surrender are embraced eagerly.

Based in Dubai, UAE, Laureen possesses a multicultural perspective that adds depth to her character. Fluent in English, German, and Japanese, she effortlessly communicates and connects with individuals from different backgrounds. Her love for travel and appreciation for diverse cultures make her an ideal companion, whether it’s exploring a new city or accompanying you on a business trip.

Discretion is assured with Laureen, ensuring that your time together remains confidential and private. She understands the importance of creating a safe and trustworthy environment where you can truly unwind and be yourself. If you seek a genuine girlfriend experience, Laureen’s warmth and attentiveness will make you feel cherished and desired.

When Laureen is not enchanting clients, she enjoys indulging in hobbies such as cooking, reading classics like George Orwell’s “1984,” and appreciating the beauty of ballet. With a versatile taste in music ranging from the ’80s and ’90s to classical and techno, she knows how to set the mood for any occasion.

For the adventurous souls, Laureen shares a love for skiing, running, and rock climbing. Her fit physique allows her to engage in these exhilarating activities with enthusiasm.

In summary, Laureen is a captivating and elegant escort model who embodies beauty, charm, and intelligence. With her vibrant personality and insatiable thirst for life’s pleasures, she promises an unforgettable experience tailored to each client’s desires. Whether you need a discreet companion for an airport rendezvous or seek a moment of pure girlfriend-like affection, Laureen will leave you craving more. Allow her to accompany you on an enchanting journey where passion and unrivaled connection intertwine.

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1 Hour 2 Hours 4 Hours 12 Hours
800.- CHF 1160.- CHF 1540.- CHF 2220.- CHF


26 years old
English (3/3), German (2/3), Japanese (1/3),
Dubai, UAE
Other Information
Cooking, travels


Cup Size
34C / 90C / 75C
Hair Color
5 11 / 180 cm
Eye Color


White wine, cocktails
Furla, Intimissimi
80 s, 90 s, techno, classical
1984 (George Orwell)
Skiing, running, rock climbing


What services does Laureen offer as an escort model?
Laureen offers a range of companionship services, including social events, dinner dates, travel companionship, and intimate experiences tailored to individual preferences.
Is discretion and privacy ensured when booking Laureen as an escort model?
Yes, Felines agency prioritizes discretion and privacy. Your personal information and experiences with Laureen will remain confidential and confidential.
What languages does Laureen speak as an escort model?
Laureen is fluent in English, German, and Japanese, allowing her to communicate effectively with clients from different linguistic backgrounds.
Can Laureen accompany me on business trips?
Absolutely! Laureen is an excellent choice for business trips. Her captivating presence and cultural adaptability make her an ideal companion in various settings.
Does Laureen provide a genuine girlfriend experience?
Yes, Laureen specializes in providing a genuine girlfriend experience. Her warmth, attentiveness, and affectionate nature will make you feel cherished and desired throughout your time together.

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