Introducing Escort Girl Jasmin, a stunning 23-year-old model from Elite Zürich Escort who will captivate your senses and provide an unforgettable experience. With her exquisite dark brown hair cascading over her shoulders, Jasmin is a true beauty with a height of 165 cm and an alluring C cup. Her captivating brown eyes will instantly draw you in, leaving you mesmerized by her charm.

Jasmin is not just a gorgeous companion but also a delightful conversationalist. She enjoys engaging in intriguing discussions and learning about the world around her. If you are a traveler, Jasmin is the perfect choice, as she is well-versed in various topics and can keep you entertained during your journey.

When it comes to tastes, Jasmin has a weakness for Italian cuisine. With her by your side, you can explore Zurich’s finest Italian restaurants and indulge in delectable dishes together. She appreciates the fine things in life and loves to toast the night away with a glass of wine or champagne, making every moment feel celebratory and luxurious.

Jasmin adores the scent of Dior Addict and radiates an air of casual elegance wherever she goes. She has a knack for styling herself effortlessly, effortlessly combining comfort and sophistication. Behind closed doors, Jasmin slips into La Perla lingerie, ensuring an enchanting and sensual experience for both of you.

For Jasmin, fashion is an art, and Armani is her go-to fashion brand. With her impeccable taste, she will effortlessly complement your style and make heads turn wherever you go together.

When it comes to the experience, Jasmin excels in providing both the discreet and girlfriend experience. Whether you are attending a high-profile event or simply seeking intimate companionship, Jasmin’s ability to adapt to any situation will make you feel like the luckiest person in the room. Her flawless blend of charm, intelligence, and beauty creates a genuinely memorable encounter.

As an added convenience, Jasmin is available for airport arrangements, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for those traveling to or from Zürich.

In summary, if you seek a captivating and alluring companion for any occasion, Escort Girl Jasmin is the perfect choice. With her stunning looks, engaging personality, and ability to create a discreet or girlfriend experience, she is a true gem within the Elite Zürich Escort agency. Give yourself the pleasure of Jasmin’s company, and let her turn your fantasies into reality.

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Elite Escort Zürich
1 Hour 2 Hours 4 Hours 12 Hours
600.- CHF 900.- CHF 1500.- CHF 2500.- CHF




Cup Size
C cup
Hair Color
Dark Brown
165 cm
Eye Color


Wine and shampagne
Casual and elegant
La Perla


What services does Escort Girl Jasmin offer?
Escort Girl Jasmin excels in providing both discreet and girlfriend experiences, tailoring her companionship to suit your desires and needs.
Is Escort Girl Jasmin available for high-profile events?
Yes, Escort Girl Jasmin is the perfect companion for any occasion, including high-profile events where her charm and beauty will make you the envy of the room.
Can Escort Girl Jasmin travel with clients?
Absolutely! Escort Girl Jasmin is available for airport arrangements, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for those traveling to or from Zürich.
What is Escort Girl Jasmin's favorite cuisine?
Escort Girl Jasmin has a weakness for Italian cuisine and would be delighted to explore Zürich's finest Italian restaurants with you.
What is Escort Girl Jasmin's preferred fashion brand?
Escort Girl Jasmin's go-to fashion brand is Armani. With her impeccable taste, she effortlessly complements your style and ensures you both turn heads.

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