Introducing Eva - Your Captivating Companion for Unforgettable Moments

Experience the allure of Eva, a stunning 27-year-old Swiss beauty who will leave you utterly mesmerized. With her captivating azure eyes resembling the enchanting lagoons, Eva embodies the epitome of a femme fatale. Despite her relative newcomer status, Eva exudes sensuality and feminine grace, making her an irresistible choice for those seeking delightful and libertine encounters.

As an escort model within Agence Elégance, Eva offers unparalleled companionship tailored to meet your deepest desires. With her châtain hair cascading down her perfectly proportioned figure, she is a vision of pure elegance. Standing at 160 cm with a slender 48 kg frame, Eva’s petite yet enchanting presence is bound to captivate your attention from the moment you meet her.

Eva’s fluency in both French and English ensures seamless communication as you embark on an exquisite journey together. Whether you seek intellectual conversations or prefer to revel in the blissful silence of understanding, Eva prides herself on creating an intimate atmosphere, making you feel undeniably comfortable and appreciated.

Travelling is never an obstacle for Eva, as her services extend far across Switzerland, throughout Europe, and beyond. Whether you’re arriving at the airport or reside nearby, Eva is readily available to accompany you on your adventures. Her commitment to discretion is unwavering, ensuring that your encounters remain entirely private and tailored to your preferences.

Indulge in the true girlfriend experience as Eva’s affable personality effortlessly ignites a genuine connection between you. With her background in marketing and a keen interest in fitness, gastronomy, and travel, Eva is the perfect companion for any occasion. From exquisite fine dining experiences to exploring the world’s most breathtaking destinations, Eva’s versatile charm adapts to your desires, creating memories that will linger long after your encounter has ended.

Agence Elégance is proud to present Eva, an escort model who will redefine your notions of sensuality, sophistication, and discreet pleasures. Prepare to be enchanted by her irresistible aura, as Eva becomes your ultimate partner in exploring the realms of passion and hedonism.

Contact Agence Elégance today to arrange an unforgettable rendezvous with Eva, and create memories that will forever linger in your mind.

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1 Hour 2 Hours 4 Hours 12 Hours
800.- CHF 1200.- CHF 2000.- CHF 3200.- CHF


French, English, Russian
Photo model / dancer


Cup Size
Hair Color
Honey blond
Eye Color
Green brown


Switzerland, Europe, world


What services does Eva provide as an escort model?
Eva offers unparalleled companionship tailored to meet your deepest desires, ensuring a memorable and fulfilling experience.
Where does Eva provide her services?
Eva caters to clients in Switzerland, throughout Europe, and even worldwide, making her services accessible to a broad range of individuals.
Does Eva have any restrictions based on nationality or language?
No, Eva embraces clients from different nationalities and speaks both French and English fluently, ensuring seamless communication and understanding.
What are some of Eva's hobbies and interests?
Eva's hobbies include fitness, traveling, gastronomy, and enjoying various social activities, making her a dynamic and engaging companion.
Is Eva discreet and committed to privacy?
Absolutely, Eva values discretion and privacy, ensuring that all encounters remain entirely private and tailored to your preferences.

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