Introducing Candice, a stunning Swiss escort model, available through Agence Majestic. At 25 years old, Candice possesses an enchanting beauty that is sure to captivate your heart from the moment you lay your eyes on her. With her luscious blond hair, captivating green eyes, and a flawless complexion, she exudes an irresistible charm that will leave you craving for more.

Standing at a height of 1m71 and weighing just 49kg, Candice has a perfectly proportioned body that will leave you in awe. Her slim and toned figure, combined with her long, graceful legs, enhances her allure, making her the epitome of elegance and grace.

Aside from her physical attributes, Candice is a true intellectual. Currently a student, she possesses a remarkable intelligence that is evident in her ability to speak fluent English and French. This linguistic prowess ensures that communication with her is effortless and enjoyable.

When Candice is not busy with her studies, she indulges in various hobbies such as sports, yoga, and traveling. Her active lifestyle ensures she maintains her stunning physique while adding that touch of excitement and adventure to her personality.

Candice is not just a beautiful face; she is also a perfect companion who can fulfill your desires. Whether you seek a discreet encounter or a passionate girlfriend experience, Candice is dedicated to making your time together unforgettable. She possesses a warm and nurturing nature that will immediately put you at ease, creating an atmosphere of complete relaxation and indulgence.

Her service knows no boundaries, as Candice offers her companionship not only in Switzerland, but also throughout Europe and the world. Whether you are in need of a companion for a romantic getaway, a discreet encounter at the airport, or simply someone to share intimate moments with, Candice is the ideal choice.

Allow yourself to be captivated by Candice’s beauty, intelligence, and genuine affection. With her by your side, you are certain to experience a world of intense emotions, pleasure, and serenity. Don’t miss the opportunity to make your dreams a reality - book an unforgettable rendezvous with Candice through Agence Majestic today.

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English, French


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Switzerland, Europe, World


What services does Candice, the escort model, provide?
Candice offers a range of services including discreet encounters, passionate girlfriend experiences, and companionship for romantic getaways.
Is Candice available only in Switzerland?
No, Candice's services are not limited to Switzerland. She is available throughout Europe and worldwide.
Does Candice speak any languages other than English and French?
Yes, Candice is fluent in both English and French. She possesses linguistic prowess for effortless communication with her clients.
What are some of Candice's hobbies?
Candice indulges in various hobbies such as sports, yoga, and traveling. Her active lifestyle adds excitement and adventure to her personality.
How would you describe Candice's physical appearance?
Candice, the stunning escort model represented by Agence Majestic, possesses a captivating beauty. Her blond hair, green eyes, and flawless complexion make her truly irresistible.

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