Introducing Alex, a stunning 26-year-old blonde escort model from Felines agency that is sure to captivate your senses. Standing at an elegant height of 5'7" (170 cm) and weighing 115 lbs (52 kg), Alex possesses an irresistible blend of beauty and intellect, making her the perfect companion for any occasion.

With her vibrant blue eyes and mesmerizing 34C (90C/75C) cup size, Alex exudes sensuality and charm. Her flowing blond hair and trendy sense of style add to her overall elegance, effortlessly turning heads wherever she goes. Fluent in English (3/3), Spanish (3/3), and French (1/3), she possesses exceptional communication skills that ensure a seamless and engaging experience for her clients.

Coming from a finance background, Alex is not only intellectually stimulating but also possesses a high level of education. Her warm and friendly nature establishes an instant connection, allowing her to easily adapt to any situation and provide a discreet and unforgettable girlfriend experience.

Beyond her enchanting personality, Alex’s interests and hobbies reflect her well-rounded nature. She adores traveling, making her the perfect companion for jet-setters and offering a convenient airport liaison. Her favorite foods include sushi and Mediterranean cuisine, and she enjoys indulging in champagne, red wine, and dry white varieties.

When it comes to entertainment, Alex has a refined taste. She enjoys romantic comedies and is a fan of Pedro Almodovar’s movies. She appreciates novels, especially those by renowned author Stephen King. Her passion for modern art, with a particular admiration for Picasso and Dali, adds an artistic touch to her character.

Additionally, Alex stays active by engaging in swimming, golf, and skiing. She has a remarkable taste in music, ranging from Bon Jovi to Julio Iglesias and Rosario to El Cigala.

With her unique blend of charm, intelligence, and passion, Alex from Felines agency promises nothing short of an unforgettable encounter. Whether you desire a discreet rendezvous, a companion for travel, or a remarkable girlfriend experience, Alex is sure to fulfill your desires and bring sunshine into your life.

Please note that specific services may vary and are subject to the agency’s guidelines. For further inquiries or to book an appointment with Alex, please do not hesitate to contact Felines agency.

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800.- CHF 1160.- CHF 1540.- CHF 2220.- CHF


27 years old
English (3/3), Spanish (3/3), French (1/3),
Madrid Spain
Other Information


Cup Size
34C / 90C / 75C
Hair Color
5 7 / 170 cm
Eye Color


Sushis, mediterranean cuisine
Champagne, red wine and dry white
Elegant, trendy
Victoria s Secret, La Perla, Dsquared2
Bon Jovi, Julio Iglesias, Rosario, El Cigala
Novels, Stephen King
Modern art, Picasso, Dali
Swimming, golf, skiing


What services does Alex provide as an escort model?
The specific services provided by Alex may vary and are subject to the guidelines set by Felines agency. It is recommended to contact the agency for more information.
Can Alex travel with clients as an escort model?
Yes, Alex is available to travel with clients, making her the perfect companion for jet-setters. Her convenient airport liaison service adds to the overall experience.
Does Alex offer a girlfriend experience?
Absolutely! Alex is known for providing a remarkable girlfriend experience. Her warm and friendly nature ensures a genuine connection and memorable encounters.
Where is Alex originally from?
Alex hails from Madrid, Spain, adding a touch of European allure to her already captivating personality as an escort model.
What languages does Alex speak fluently?
Alex is fluent in English (3/3), Spanish (3/3), and French (1/3), ensuring seamless communication and a delightful experience for clients from different backgrounds.

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