Introducing Laureen, an exciting escort lady who thrives on adventure and all things thrilling in life. In her mid-twenties, Laureen stands at a captivating height of 166 cm, with a perfectly proportioned figure, sporting a cup size of 75C and a confection size of S (36).

Professionally, Laureen works as a waitress, but her true passion lies in exploring new territories and embracing the most pleasurable moments in life. This is precisely why she has chosen to be a part of the renowned Joy Escort agency, to delve into the world of ultimate enjoyment and discover the true meaning of ecstasy. Laureen possesses an open and carefree attitude, making her a delight to be around.

Fluent in both German and English, Laureen effortlessly communicates with her clients, ensuring a seamless experience filled with genuine connection and understanding. Whether it’s an airport encounter, a discreet rendezvous, or a girlfriend experience you seek, Laureen is more than capable of tailoring her services to fulfill your desires.

Originally hailing from St. Gallen, Laureen radiates a natural beauty, with mesmerizing brown eyes that capture attention from the moment you meet her. Her infectious enthusiasm and adventurous spirit make every moment together a pleasure beyond compare.

With Laureen by your side, prepare to embark on a journey of sensuality and fulfillment. Allow her to show you a world of ecstasy, where boundaries disappear and every second spent together is an experience of utmost delight.

Embrace the opportunity to meet Laureen, the epitome of a high-class escort who thrives on creating unforgettable memories. Contact Joy Escort now and let the enchantment begin. Discover why Laureen is the perfect choice for those seeking discreet encounters, airport adventures, or the ultimate girlfriend experience.

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Joy Escort
1 Hour 2 Hours 4 Hours 12 Hours
500.- CHF 800.- CHF 1300.- CHF 2200.- CHF


Mitte 20
Deutsch (Muttersprache), English (fliessend)
St. Gallen


Cup Size
S (36)
166 cm
Eye Color


What services does Laureen offer as an escort model?
Laureen offers a wide range of services, including discreet encounters, airport adventures, and unforgettable girlfriend experiences.
How fluent is Laureen in English?
Laureen is fluent in both German (her native language) and English, ensuring smooth and effortless communication with her clients.
What sets Laureen apart from other escort models?
Laureen's open-minded and carefree attitude, coupled with her adventurous spirit, makes every moment spent with her an unparalleled pleasure.
Can Laureen cater to specific desires or preferences?
Absolutely. Laureen takes pride in tailoring her services to fulfill the unique desires and preferences of her clients.
How can I book an encounter with Laureen from Joy Escort?
To start your journey with Laureen, simply contact Joy Escort, the renowned agency to experience the enchantment she offers.

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