Introducing Valentina, a stunning 23-year-old escort within the renowned Dreams Agency. Hailing from Italy, with a cup size of 85 C and standing at an alluring height of 168 cm, Valentina is a captivating beauty. With a slender figure, weighing 49 kg, she embodies elegance and sensuality in every way.

Valentina is not only blessed with stunning physical attributes, but she is also incredibly intelligent and fluent in three languages - Français, anglais, and espagnol. Currently pursuing her studies, she effortlessly combines her role as a student with her passion for adventure and pleasure.

When Valentina is not indulging in her escorting profession, she immerses herself in various hobbies such as art, sciences, graphisme, and sports. Her diverse interests enable her to hold engaging conversations with clients from all walks of life, making her the perfect companion for any occasion.

Valentina’s services are available in Geneva, Lausanne, and Berne, ensuring that clients in these cities can experience her irresistible charm. Whether you are seeking a discreet encounter or a delightful girlfriend experience, Valentina is well-equipped to fulfill your desires. Her desire to provide a breath of fresh air and an escape from reality is second to none.

With her captivating brown eyes and a mouth that exudes a voracious appetite, Valentina possesses an irresistible allure. Once you are lured into her enchanting presence, she will transport you to a world where your intimate encounters remain a cherished secret.

For those arriving at the airport in search of a delightful companion, Valentina is eager to cater to all your needs. Her discreet nature ensures that your time spent together remains private and unspoiled, granting you the freedom to indulge in an unforgettable experience.

In summary, Valentina, the young libertine escort from Dreams Agency, promises a rendezvous filled with freshness, intellect, and an exquisitely sculpted figure. Beware of her mesmerizing gaze, as it has the power to captivate and enthrall you beyond your wildest dreams.

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700.- CHF 1100.- CHF 1700.- CHF 3500.- CHF


Français, anglais, espagnol


Cup Size
85 C
168 cm
Eye Color


Geneve, Lausanne, Berne


How would you describe Valentina's physical appearance?
Valentina is a stunning 23-year-old with captivating brown eyes and a beautifully sculpted figure. Her height is 168 cm, and she weighs 49 kg.
What languages does Valentina speak?
Valentina is fluent in three languages: Français, anglais, and espagnol. This allows her to connect with clients from various backgrounds.
What are Valentina's hobbies?
Valentina has a diverse range of hobbies, including art, sciences, graphisme, and sports. These interests make her an engaging conversationalist and a fascinating companion.
Which cities does Valentina provide her services in?
Valentina's services are available in Geneva, Lausanne, and Berne. Clients in these cities can experience her irresistible charm and companionship.
Is Valentina discreet and trustworthy?
Absolutely. Valentina understands the importance of privacy and ensures that her encounters remain confidential and exclusive. You can trust her to provide an unforgettable and discreet experience.

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