Introducing Laurianne, a captivating escort model from Felines agency, ready to captivate the hearts and minds of cultivated gentlemen. At 21 years old, Laurianne radiates youthful energy and an adventurous spirit, making her the perfect companion for those seeking excitement and exploration.

With her light brown hair cascading around her shoulders, Laurianne’s striking green eyes will draw you in, evoking a sense of mystery and allure. Standing at an elegant 5'6" (167 cm) with a slender figure, she embodies the perfect balance of sophistication and sensuality. Her cup size of 34B (90B/75B) and a dress size of 34 accentuate her alluring curves, leaving you longing to explore further.

Laurianne’s personality is a delightful mixture of bubbly, positivity, and a thirst for travel. As a student, she possesses an intellectual curiosity, always eager to learn from her surroundings. Intelligent and well-spoken, Laurianne is fluent in English, French, Spanish, and has a basic understanding of Portuguese. Whether engaging in thoughtful conversations or simply enjoying each other’s presence, she effortlessly creates an intimate connection.

Outside of her studies, Laurianne indulges in her love for travel and discovery, making her the ideal companion for those who seek new experiences. Her favorite cuisines include Japanese and French, which she enjoys sharing at discreet and exclusive restaurants. When it comes to drinks, non-alcoholic cocktails are her go-to choice, allowing you both to revel in the moment without distractions.

Laurianne’s elegant and chic style adds an extra layer of allure to her already mesmerizing presence. With a penchant for Balmain, Jacquemus, Aubade, and Agent Provocateur, she effortlessly embodies sophistication and confidence. As you delve into deeper conversations, you may find that her love for Baroque classical, jazz, and pop music parallels her diverse tastes, stimulating your interests and awakening shared passions.

While Laurianne’s outer beauty is captivating, her inner beauty shines just as bright. Behind closed doors, her sweetness and attentiveness will enchant you, gradually unveiling her tigress-like persona. This girlfriend experience expert takes pride in creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere, where your desires are fully explored and fulfilled.

If you are a cultivated gentleman seeking an airport rendezvous, Laurianne’s discreet nature ensures a seamless and private encounter. With her innate ability to adapt to various situations, she can effortlessly accompany you to any event or occasion, leaving others curious about the radiant woman by your side.

Laurianne’s interests extend beyond the boundaries of her student life, finding joy in the arts, sports, and literature. From exploring 12th-century architecture and admiring paintings by François Boucher to indulging in the world of opera and dance, she embraces the finer things in life. Her love for horse riding, self-defense, and various dance forms further exemplifies her zeal for physical expression.

In summary, Laurianne is an enchanting and adventurous escort model who ensures her clients experience the utmost satisfaction. Her intelligence, elegance, and natural ability to create memorable moments make her the perfect companion for both travel and intimate encounters. Allow yourself to be captivated by her genuine charm and infectious zest for life. Laurianne awaits, ready to lead the way to unprecedented pleasure and unforgettable experiences.

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1 Hour 2 Hours 4 Hours 12 Hours
800.- CHF 1160.- CHF 1540.- CHF 2220.- CHF


21 years old
English (3/3), French (3/3), Spanish (2/3), Portuguese (1/3),
Lyon, France
Other Information
Travel, discovery


Cup Size
34B / 90B / 75B
Hair Color
5 6 / 167 cm
Eye Color


Japanese, French
Non alcoholic cocktails
Elegant, chic
Balmain, Jacquemus, Aubade, Agent Provocateur
Baroque classical, jazz, pop
Robert Kiyosaki, Charles Duhigg, Michaël Aguilar
12th century architecture, paintings by François Boucher, opera, dance
Horse riding, self defence, dance


What services does Laurianne provide as an escort model?
Laurianne provides a wide range of services tailored to the preferences of cultivated gentlemen, ensuring unforgettable experiences filled with intimacy and pleasure.
How can I schedule an appointment with Laurianne?
To schedule an appointment with Laurianne, you can contact Felines agency, where their discreet and professional staff will assist you in arranging a rendezvous with this captivating escort model.
Is Laurianne available for international travel?
Yes, Laurianne is available for international travel. With her love for exploration and adventure, she can accompany you on your journeys, creating exciting memories together.
What makes Laurianne the perfect companion for cultivated gentlemen?
Laurianne's natural charm, intellectual curiosity, and ability to adapt effortlessly make her the ideal companion for cultivated gentlemen seeking captivating experiences both intellectually and intimately.
Can Laurianne provide a girlfriend experience?
Yes, Laurianne specializes in providing the ultimate girlfriend experience. Her sweetness, attentiveness, and commitment to creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere ensure that your desires are fully explored and fulfilled.

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