Introducing Alexandra, an exquisite escort model from Easylives. At 29 years old, this French beauty exudes an enticing allure that is sure to captivate gentlemen seeking an unforgettable experience. With her striking blond hair, mesmerizing brown-green eyes, and a naturally alluring 85B cup, Alexandra is an epitome of sensuality.

Standing at 170cm tall and weighing 52kg, Alexandra possesses a perfectly toned figure that exudes elegance and grace. Her professional background in tourism ensures intelligent and engaging conversations, as she effortlessly converses in French, Spanish, English, and Russian.

Alexandra’s vibrant personality is a delightful mix of humor, charm, and wit. Behind her playful facade lies a passionate and open-minded companion who is eager to explore new realms of pleasure, ensuring a truly unforgettable encounter. Her ability to create an electric connection will leave you yearning for more.

She indulges in various hobbies, including sports, gastronomy, and fashion, making her an ideal companion for engaging conversations and memorable experiences. Whether you desire a discreet encounter, a romantic girlfriend experience, or an exciting rendezvous at the airport, Alexandra’s versatility and adaptability will exceed your expectations.

With her elegant and modern style, Alexandra is always dressed to impress. A date with her promises a blend of sophistication, sensuality, and a genuine connection. Prepare yourself for an exhilarating journey with a woman who knows how to make your desires come to life.

Choose Alexandra as your companion, and let her unleash her volcanic passion, creating an unforgettable and pleasurable experience tailored exclusively for you. Be ready to embark on a delightful journey with this exquisite and enchanting Easylives escort model.

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1 Hour 2 Hours 4 Hours 12 Hours
700.- CHF 1100.- CHF 1700.- CHF 3500.- CHF


français, espagnol, anglais, russe


Cup Size
85 B naturelle
Hair Color
170 cm
Eye Color
bruns verts




élégante, moderne, sexy


What services does Alexandra provide as an escort model?
Alexandra provides a wide range of services tailored to individual preferences, including discreet encounters, romantic girlfriend experiences, and exciting rendezvous at the airport.
Can I communicate with Alexandra in languages other than French?
Absolutely! Alexandra is fluent in French, Spanish, English, and Russian, ensuring a seamless and engaging conversation in your preferred language.
What are Alexandra's hobbies and interests?
Alexandra enjoys various hobbies, such as sports, gastronomy, and fashion. She is a well-rounded companion, capable of engaging in diverse conversations and creating memorable experiences.
Does Alexandra only cater to international clients?
No, while Alexandra's service registration is international, she is also available to accompany clients on local outings and provide companionship for domestic events as well.
How would you describe Alexandra's style and appearance?
Alexandra's style is elegant, modern, and undeniably sexy. With her mesmerizing brown-green eyes and striking blond hair, she embodies sophistication and sensuality.

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