Meet Shenaya, a charming and attentive escort model at Femme Sensuelle. At 31 years old, Shenaya hails from Italy and brings her captivating personality to every encounter. Standing at 170 cm tall and weighing 55 kg, she possesses a graceful and alluring presence.

Shenaya is fluent in several languages, including Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and English, ensuring seamless communication and creating a comfortable and engaging atmosphere. Her profession as a makeup artist adds to her allure, as she possesses an innate sense of style and beauty.

Based in Zürich, Shenaya offers her exceptional services primarily in this region. However, for those seeking her company outside of Zürich, additional travel costs may apply. Rest assured, discretion is at the forefront of Femme Sensuelle’s values, ensuring your encounters with Shenaya are private and confidential.

Described as lovable and vivacious, Shenaya possesses an open ear for her clients, guaranteeing a truly pleasurable experience in every aspect. Her warm and spirited nature will leave a lasting impression, making you remember the exciting and inspiring moments spent with her, leaving a lasting smile on your face.

Shenaya’s brown/green eyes exude depth and allure, captivating all who have the pleasure of gazing into them. When it comes to her favorite food, she enjoys a variety of cuisines, except for fish and seafood. As a native of Zürich, she brings a local touch and familiarity to her encounters, enhancing the overall experience.

To add a touch of sensuality to your encounter, Shenaya favors the exquisite fragrance of Black Opium YSL, creating an irresistible aura around her. Whether you’re looking for a discreet rendezvous, a girlfriend experience, or simply a memorable time with a fascinating personality, Shenaya is the perfect choice.

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1 Hour 2 Hours 4 Hours 12 Hours
550.- CHF 850.- CHF 1300.- CHF 2300.- CHF


Italienisch, Deutsch, Spanisch, Portugiesisch, Englisch
Make up Artist


Cup Size
75 C
170 cm
Eye Color




Alles ausser Fisch und Meeresfrüchte


What services does Shenaya offer as an escort model?
Shenaya offers a range of services including discreet rendezvous, girlfriend experiences, and memorable encounters tailored to your desires.
How can I book an appointment with Shenaya?
To book an appointment with Shenaya, you can contact Femme Sensuelle, her agency, and they will assist you in arranging a meeting.
Does Shenaya travel outside of Zürich for her services?
Yes, Shenaya is available to travel outside of Zürich; however, additional travel costs may apply. Please consult with Femme Sensuelle for further details.
Is discretion ensured when meeting with Shenaya?
Absolutely. Discretion is a top priority for Femme Sensuelle, guaranteeing your encounters with Shenaya are private and confidential.
What languages does Shenaya speak?
Shenaya is fluent in Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and English, ensuring seamless communication and a comfortable atmosphere.

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