Introducing Beatrice, an enchanting escort model who embodies natural beauty, sensuality, and irresistible curves. At the tender age of 27, this stunning Italian gem is a true embodiment of the dolce vita and glamorous lifestyle. Prepare to be captivated by her mesmerizing allure and the way she effortlessly melts hearts.

With luscious brown locks cascading down her shoulders and captivating green-brown eyes, Beatrice possesses a unique charm that will leave you breathless. Standing at an elegant height of 170 cm and weighing a graceful 55 kg, she exudes an aura of grace and elegance that is simply irresistible.

Beatrice is not only blessed with captivating beauty, but she is also a linguist extraordinaire. Fluent in English, Italian, and Spanish, she effortlessly connects with her clients, making them feel at ease as they embark on a journey of pleasure and companionship together.

Professionally, Beatrice excels in the field of marketing, ensuring that her conversations are intellectually stimulating, engaging her clients on multiple levels. Beyond her professional life, she indulges in a variety of pursuits that reveal her diverse interests and well-rounded personality. From embracing a fitness lifestyle to enjoying the opera, art, fashion, and gastronomy, Beatrice’s multifaceted nature ensures that time spent with her is nothing short of extraordinary.

As a discreet and sophisticated companion, Beatrice is well-versed in the art of creating unforgettable girlfriend experiences. Whether you desire her exquisite company for an airport rendezvous or an intimate evening, she effortlessly adapts to any setting, ensuring your satisfaction and discreet enjoyment.

Beatrice’s services extend beyond the borders of Switzerland. Offering her companionship not only in Schweiz but also across Europe and even worldwide, she is the perfect travel companion for distinguished clients seeking an exquisite blend of beauty, intelligence, and discrete indulgence.

In conclusion, Beatrice is an absolute delight - a beautiful, free-spirited young woman radiating finesse and charm. Lose yourself in her natural allure, as she takes you on a whimsical journey, leaving behind all worries and immersing you in a world of pleasure tailored to your desires.

Please note that Agence Elégance ensures the utmost discretion and professionalism in all their services.

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800.- CHF 1200.- CHF 2000.- CHF 3200.- CHF


Anglais, italien, espagnol


Cup Size
Hair Color
Eye Color
Bruns verts


Suisse, Europe, monde


What services does Beatrice provide as an escort model?
Beatrice offers discreet companionship, girlfriend experiences, and is available for travel in Switzerland, Europe, and worldwide.
What languages does Beatrice speak?
Beatrice is fluent in English, Italian, and Spanish, allowing her to communicate easily with a diverse range of clients.
What are Beatrice's hobbies and interests?
Beatrice's hobbies include fitness, opera, art, fashion, and gastronomy, reflecting her diverse passions and well-rounded personality.
Where can I book Beatrice as my escort model?
You can book Beatrice through Agence Elégance, a renowned agency that ensures the utmost discretion and professionalism.
What sets Beatrice apart from other escort models?
Beatrice's natural beauty, sensuality, intellect, and her ability to adapt to any setting make her a captivating and unforgettable companion.

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