The advantages of an escort service

The escort service offers many advantages over the classic visit to a brothel or other forms of erotic services.

Payment of the fee is handled by the escort agency

Typically, escort agencies offer different payment methods. The most common payment methods offered include cash payment on-site and bank transfer, which must be made before the meeting. However, payment methods such as Western Union, credit cards and other payment methods are also frequently encountered. Since escort agencies are dedicated to meet their clients’ need for discretion, neutral-sounding business names are usually used for bank transfers and credit card statements.

No personal negotiations with the escort ladies, but directly with the agencies.

The escort agencies know the preferences of their ladies well. This enables the agencies to advise you optimally according to your wishes and needs, which would be much more difficult in direct negotiation with the escort lady.

Comparatively high quality of the escort ladies

Of course, there is no real “quality guarantee” with escort ladies, as every lady can have a bad day or perhaps because there is just no chemistry between her and her client. However, escort agencies have the great advantage that they can offer a certain standard, as they select their escort ladies according to certain criteria such as education, appearance and character traits. Furthermore, a negative customer review on the internet also reflects badly on the agency. Consequently, escort agencies have a high incentive to offer their customers a satisfactory experience in order to be able to win new customers in the future due to positive customer reviews.

Discreet handling and organisation of the meeting

Escort agencies attach great importance to providing their clients with a discreet experience tailored to their needs and wishes. Accordingly, neutral-sounding names are used for payments and the desired meetings are handled as discreetly as possible. For example, the ladies are brought to the desired hotel or meeting place in a neutral outfit. Since escort ladies are often very educated, it is not obvious to outsiders that she’s a “paid” escort. Another advantage is that there is no need to visit a brothel, where you can be clearly identified as a person who is using an erotic service.

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