100% discretion when meeting with escorts!

Many men often act naive or clueless when it comes to meeting with an escort discreetly and without leaving any traces. The main cause of the frequently encountered lack of discretion lies in the assumption that one’s excuses, computers and cell phones could never be checked. Also, the lack of awareness of details is often the downfall of men. For example, they might forget that work colleagues notice if you smell differently after your lunch break, during which you supposedly noticed a business lunch, because you showered with the escort’s shampoo.

1. Telephone

Basically, all phone numbers of escort ladies should always be stored in the phone under an inconspicuous and boring name, which in the best case refers to your own workplace. Some even advise to use a second cell phone exclusively for the communication with escort ladies. This can make sense in certain cases, but we rather advise against it, because a second cell phone can sometimes raise more questions than it avoids. Especially, since many businessmen already use two cell phones anyway (private and business) and a third cell phone would be probably too much. Of course, communication with escort ladies should never take place via business cell phones, as these are usually monitored by the employer and using them for communication purposes with escorts could be a reason for your employer to fire you. Furthermore, it is essential to delete all calls made in connection with escort ladies from the call log. Likewise, all text messages between you and the ladies should be deleted. Another protection can be to protect certain messenger apps with passwords. These passwords can help prevent someone from accidentally finding potentially compromising information. Turning off text message notifications can also prevent a compromising message from appearing on the screen at exactly the wrong moment.

2. WhatsApp

Since WhatsApp is the most used private communication tool for many, we have dedicated a separate section to this app. Overall, the same precautions apply here as those already mentioned above in the “Phone” section. Meaning that rules such as deleting messages and calls in connection with the escort lady also apply here. Also, deactivating notifications that appear on the phone when you receive a WhatsApp message is essential here to avoid unpleasant questions. Another important point to consider is the profile picture of the escorts. Because even if you delete all the messages and calls relating to the escort, the profile picture of the lady will still be visible in your WhatsApp contact list and unfortunately these profile pictures are not always very discreet. Furthermore, if a WhatsApp call is initiated by the escort, her profile picture will be displayed on your entire display, which could of course lead to awkward questions if others are present at the moment of the call. A solution could be to save the number of the escort in the address field of another already existing contact in order to avoid WhatsApp to automatically add this contact to your WhatsApp contact list. If you in addition to that block the number on WhatsApp, it is not possible for the escort lady to suddenly call you at the most inopportune moment with a compromising profile picture. Of course, this is inconvenient, and requires you to re-save the contact every time you want to communicate with her via WhatsApp. For communication via SMS and normal calls, a separate storage in the address field of another contact is not necessary since no profile picture is displayed when you receive classic phone call.

3. E-Mail communication

For communicating via email with the escort lady or escort agency, it is important to set up a separate email address not only for discretion reasons but also to protect your privacy. Using the private email address with which you also log in to various services such as Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn would allow the lady or agency to identify you quite accurately. Therefore, you should also create the new email address under an imaginary name. This has several advantages. On the one hand, it gives you the possibility to keep your anonymity towards the lady and the agency. On the other hand, you avoid having compromising e-mails in your normal e-mail inbox, which could be seen by unfortunate coincidences. Furthermore, it allows you to have invoices that may raise questions sent to this newly established email address.

4. Physical evidence

Physical evidence can include scents as well as other more visible evidence such as lipstick on the collar. Since scents can easily stick to clothing and skin, it is important to cover them back up with your “own” scent afterwards. Therefore, it is important to shower after the meeting with the lady, with the shower gel that you also use at home. As for the clothes, it can be useful to spray your own perfume lightly on the clothes afterwards and to also store them in your own bag, should you take them off during the meeting, in order to shield them from foreign scents.

5. PC

Should you use a computer or laptop when booking the escort, it is essential to afterwards delete all traces or activity histories. If someone sits next to you when typing something in the search box of your browser, you probably want to avoid the search history from popping up. You can delete your search history either manually in your browser or with free and safe computer programs like CCleaner or PrivaZer. CCleaner and PrivaZer could also help you delete emails, photos, chats, web logs and other digital traces.

6. Phone bill

Think carefully about where you want your phone bill to be sent to, respectively whether the office or home address is more discreet. Ideally, you should have your phone bill sent to the newly created email address. Sometimes the phone provider offers the choice between a summary and a detailed phone bill. Try to get summary phone bills that don’t show every single phone call and hence can be safely left lying around.

7. Payment

Always try to pay in cash as this is the most anonymous form of payment. However, if you are uncomfortable walking around with a large amount of cash, create a new individual bank account/credit card with a new bank and have the statements sent either digitally to the new email address or physically to your office. Most banks will send most correspondence to your digital mailbox in your online banking anyway. Even with agencies using innocent-sounding names on bank transfers and credit card statements these days, cash remains the most anonymous form of payment.

8. Cash slips/parking tickets

Please remember that receipts and parking tickets give a good indication of the places you visited and when you visited them. It is also important to obey the law at all costs, as fines for parking or speeding will be sent directly to your home address. Throw away any receipts and parking tickets immediately so that they do not lie around somewhere and come to light at inopportune moments.

9. Explanations and excuses

The mistake that many make when asked where they were after meeting an escort is to stammer out a story that is not well thought out and contradictory. Therefore, it is essential to prepare a story in advance that is not only hard to check but also vague enough to not contradict itself, leaving room for changes should the situation require it. Basically, the fewer details you tell, the less likely you will contradict yourself and the more room you will have to adjust the story if necessary. This also means that you should tell your story only when asked, in a relaxed tone, and not proactively.

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